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cASE sTUDY 03: Candlelight Films

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Who better to tell your love story than two people in love? Yes, the strategy for Candlelight Films, a luxury wedding cinematography studio based in Dallas, was a bit more nuanced than that - but the heart behind the branding, website design, and copywriting work we did for them is best expressed through authentic, emotive storytelling. Which is exactly what Clint and Lauren do for their clients through film.

Documenting Stories of Significance

I was going to tell you that our current average booking in 2024 is up over 40%, and we have 16 booked (which is a good amount for us at this point in the year)! So the website has helped us raise that a ton from our average before. Fun!

“Average booking is up over 40%"

Extremely talented and equally humble, this husband-and-wife team was in a really interesting, and somewhat enviable, position when they first approached us about a potential rebrand. For years, Clint and Lauren had been booking ultra-luxury clients exclusively on the basis of referral from vendor partners and previous couples. 

Their website had been stagnant for nearly a decade, and previous attempts at rebranding had been off-base and underwhelming. Their portfolio was exploding with gorgeous work, and their history together - both personal and professional - was rich and moving and profound. They had a successful business, were deeply passionate about their work, and had walked a beautiful journey together…but had no home for their story. We changed that - and we’re so honored to have been trusted to do so.  

a decade of passion, expressed

A brand identity in every sense of the word - a place where all the pieces come together to cohesively express your unique perspective. Your style, your objectives, your story, your “why” - little by little, we’ll excavate the mental block that’s been keeping you from putting it all out there in the way you really want to. And then we’ll show the world what you’re made of. 

Your perspective is unique. Your brand identity should be too.

The heart of your business
needs a home. 

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