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Headquartered in New York, New England, and South Florida, Range Curated is a full-service lifestyle management and event planning firm that produces aesthetic-driven experiences for the world’s most discerning clientele. With a rich resume and extensive connections in the luxury corporate fashion sector, founder Megan Howard Forbes set out to create a brand that combined the services and insights of a best-in-class travel concierge, local expert, bespoke event designer, and luxury event planner. We helped her do just that.

Aesthetic-Driven Experiences

Their approach to copywriting, digitally packaging our brand identity and designing our website to cohesively express our ethos + offerings was brilliant. They helped launch our social media platform and website, as well as helped us navigate the nuances of each. They kept us on task and on schedule through meticulous planning and their user-friendly software allowed us to seamlessly communicate remotely. We look forward to working with their team as we evolve our companies reach to customers and continue to expand our offerings.

“Their approach was brilliant."

Creating a visual brand, personal portfolio, and full suite of copy for a tastemaker who’s worked with the world’s most elite luxury fashion brands? No pressure. (Okay, maybe just a little.) Butterflies aside, from our first call with Megan, we were thrilled to have been given the opportunity to realize her vision - and found ourselves more deeply inspired with each new layer of the project that unfolded.

Megan is hyper-exacting in the best possible way. She has seen and done everything in the realm of aesthetics at the highest level, which has given her an impeccable eye and an expectation of truly excellent operational standards. This is what makes her such an asset to her clients - and what drove our desire to encapsulate all that she is and does with as much clarity as possible.

The Hero's Journey

Other people might do what you do - but they don’t do it in the same way. From the way you communicate to the intentions you have for your business, you’re one of a kind. As your creative team, our goal is to deeply understand your essence, and make sure it’s perfectly expressed through your online presence.  

Your perspective is unique. Your brand identity should be too.

Your perspective is unique.
Your brand identity should be too.

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